Preserved trams

The trams preserved by Spårvägssällskapet Ringlinien are divided into three categories.

Trafikvagnar: Trams that are restored and used on Lisebergslinjen and can be rented.

Museivagnar: Trams that are kept, but that can be used in traffic as an exception only, for historical or technical reasons.

Avställda vagnar: Trams that are undergoing restoration or waiting to be restored.

The field Utseende indicates the year the tram had the same appearance as it has today.

Namn Nr Status Beskrivning Lev. Byggår/Utseende
M1 15 Trafikvagn

Motor car with open platforms. One of the first trams from electrification in 1902

ASEA 1902 / 1902
M23 15 Trafikvagn

Mustang av typ M23 En av Hägglundsmustangerna, ombyggd till högertrafik.

Hägglund & Söner 1949 / 1967
M4 43 Trafikvagn

Motor car with built-in platforms. One of the first electrical trams from 1902 with built-in platforms.

ASEA 1902 / 1925