The Liseberg Line - Fares

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Tramcar 129 with trailer 240 at Liseberg

Tramcar 129 with trailer 240 at Liseberg

Fare - single trip


30 SEK

Child/Youth (7 - 19 years old)

20 SEK

Child (under 7 years in company
with an adult)



Valid tickets
Gothenburg Pass
All Västtrafiks tickets valid within Gothenburg (zone A) except cash on the card.
Tickets bought in the App Västtrafik ToGo valid within Gothenburg (zone A).


You buy the ticket from the conductor on board the carriage. Pay by card, Swish or cash. Both driver and conductor work voluntarily and all ticket revenue goes to the preservation of the carriages. Purchased ticket is valid for a simple journey on the trolley where it was sold and is not valid for change to another tram or bus. You can, however, remain on the tram for a full turn if you want. Gothenburg Pass and Västtrafik's all ticket types that are valid in Gothenburg apply, except for account charging because the trip can not be registered on these cards due to Västtrafik's ticket machines not being in our carriages.


As a member of Spårvägssällskapet Ringlinien you can travel on the Liseberg Line free of charge if you show your membership card to the conductor.


The following membership cards are also valid for a free ride:

- Svenska Spårvägssällskapet
- Lokaltrafikhistorisk Forening, Oslo
- Bergens Elektriske Sporvei, Bergen
- Sporveishistorisk Forening, Trondheim
- Sporvejshistorisk Selskab, Skjoldenæsholm
- Suomen Raitiotieseura ry (Finska Spårvägssällskapet)
- Museibanornas Riksorganisation


Historical references to payment and tickets


The ticket you get when you pay cash is a replica of a type of ticket that was used in the 1920ies. White for adult and yellow for children. The conductor punches date, time and line on the ticket that is valid for a single trip.


In the 1920ies the fare was 15 öre and if you wanted to change line you had to tell the condutor when you payed and the conductor punched your final destination on ticket. If you did not ask for possibility to change line, the lower left corner of the ticket was torn off and the ticket was not valid on the next tram. This type of ticket was taken out of use in 1956 and is not valid today on the modern trams and buses despite information on the ticket.

The other tickets we hand out are similar, but smaller, and ar replicas of a form of tickets used for school childrens free rides to and from school in 1921. They are used for statistical puposes only.


Waiting for departure at Drottningtorget (Central Station)

Waiting for departure at Drottningtorget (Central Station)