Visit the museum

The museum is open Sundays during May between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The museum is closed during June, July and August.

Entrance fee
Adult 40 kr 
Children/youth (7 - 16) 15 kr 
Children (under 7 in adult company) Free
Member Free


The tram simulator

The tram simulator

Göteborgs spårvägsmuseum

J Sigfrid Edströms Gata 2
416 48 Göteborg

Groups are received after agreement

How to get there with map


Temorary exhibition

Women in the traffic


Base exhibition

The fare over time – we show how the old tickets looked like

The development of the uniforms from the beginning of the 20:th century until the 1970s.

Our heritage trams are shown with pictures from their active days



We show films from the last years with trolleybus trafffic in Gothenburg



The evolution of the tram lines are shown on a screen


Guided tour in the depot

Guided tour in the depot every half an hour 11:30 to13:30

(included in entrance fee)

Traffic litterature, calendars, post cards etc


Drive a tram
We have a tram simulator with a real drivers console


Opening days in 2022

May Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
  1 8 15 22 29
  11-14 11-14 11-14 11-14 11-14


September Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
  4 11 18 25
  11-14 11-14 11-14 11-14


October Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday
  2 9 16 23 30
  11-14 11-14 11-14 11-14 11-14


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