Motor car with built-in platforms. One of the first electrical trams from 1902 with built-in platforms.

M4 43

Motor car M4 43 is one of the association's and Gothenburgs oldest preserved  electrical trams and it is more than 100 years old. Its appearance is of 1915, with built-in platforms. As with car No 15 it has long benches on the sides.

Car No 43 was delivered by ASEA when the tram network was electrified. At that time it was of type M1, but as the trams were too cold to run during winter conditions and also as a requirement from the authoroties, it was decide that all trams should be equiped with platform protections and  become type M4. This happened from 1908 and tram No 43 got its platforms protected in 1915.

In 1925 it was sold, together with No 26, 30, 33, 38 and 40 of the same type, to Jönköpings Spårvägar. Here it got number 19 and was used in public traffic until 1950 when it was used as for grinding the tracks and to as a snow plow. Before that, in 1928 it got a pantograph and was the first tram in Jönköping with that. It was used by Jönköpings Spårvägar until the trams were dismissed in 1958. Autumn 1959 it came back to Gothenburg and was preserved.

In 1979 work started by Ringlinien to rebuild the tram to the appearance it had in Gothenburg as type M4. The work was finished in 1983 an tram No 43 was back.

Vagnstatus Trafikvagn
Vagntyp Motor car, built-in platforms
Typbeteckning M4
Ursprungligt antal 156 st
Leveransdatum 1902
Utseende(år) 1925
Museivagn från 1983
Längd 8 640 mm
Bredd 2 000 mm
Axelavstånd, boggi 1 800 mm
Vikt 10 500 kg
Motorer, antal 2 st
Motortyp US 341
Motoreffekt 2 * 35 kW
Ant. passagerare(sittande) 20 st
Ant. passagerare(stående) 18 st